Introduction to Waterways Forward

Although many waterways are still important for the transport of goods, salve it is being increasingly recognised that inland waterways perform a number of other functions that contribute to the quality of life of the inhabitants of Europe’s regions and waterways are now being restored and revitalised across Europe as a focus for economic and social development.

Because of the many benefits that inland waterways can deliver, a coordinated approach to their management and development is required, linked to the wider sustainable development of the regions through which they pass. How this can be best done is the aim of Waterways Forward. We’re supported through the European Union Interreg IVC programme and bring together17 partners from 11 EU countries plus Norway and Serbia – led by SRN (Dutch Recreational Waterways Foundation, Netherlands. 

Integrated regional strategies and actions plans will be created through the sharing and transfer of good practices, to support the on-going development of the multi-functional use of Europe’s inland waterways – with our overall aim being to enhance the quality of life of the Continent’s citizens.

‘Thumbnails’ shown here are examples of good practices identified by partners in their own countries, regions, and organisations. Discussion and exchange of these practices will enable us to home in on those we want to include in our policy recommendations to Europe at the end of the project.

Larger versions of these good practices can be downloaded from the Good Practice Posters & Leaflets page.

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