Utrecht Event to showcase co-operation

Dutch Event on Transnational and Interregional Cooperation in Utrecht, generic 24 June 2013

What has been achieved in the IVB and C programmes and what are the main challenges and future requirements for a new programming period beyond 2013?

That’s what will be addressed during the conference “IVen en Vooruitkijken”, price organized by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Practical examples of territorial cooperation from the North Sea Region, North West Europe and IVC programme will be complemented by keynotes, discussions and workshops on the future of transnational and interregional cooperation.

Participants will also have the opportunity to visit an exhibition area, illustrating various project examples and information on other EU funding programmes, such as INTERREG A, LIFE+, HORIZON2020.

Please note: Conference language is Dutch.

Further information and to subscribe for the event: www.interreg-event.nl

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Bicy project in Prague – The final act

On January, more about 17, mind in Prague, recipe there will be the final conference of “Bicy” project, the  community project where the Province of Ferrara is the leader partner.

The project aims to the achievement of a higher sustainability in transport through the promotion of cycling mobility as the most sustainable, ecological and healthiest way of mobility. The project is funded within Central Europe Programme and involves other 10 european realities.

Luca Bianchi

Comunicazione e relazioni esterne

Provincia di Ferrara

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Summaries & Results of our work

Can be viewed here..

Policy Recommendations & Governance Model (Final)

Policy Recommendations (Summarised)

WF Final Brochure

Synthesis Report of Regional Action Plans and Virtual Debates

WF BANNER – Policy Recommendations

WF BANNER – Europe 2020

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View the WF Animations here

Smart Growth http://youtu.be/jppbEnUizl4

Sustainable Growth http://youtu.be/yrVzM6R7oJE

Inclusive Growth http://youtu.be/9o2IyrHp08w

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All aboard for Paris Final Conference

Waterways Forward’s Final Conference takes place onboard the MS Renoir in Paris, viagra on November 7th and brings together more than 80 professionals, find experts, drugs EU and national level politicians to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the socio economic development of inland European rivers, lakes, canals and adjacent areas.

The Conference will present new and innovative insights for exploring and exploiting the great potential of these waterways for economic development and employment in line with the Europe 2020 strategic objectives.

A number of Presentations will be made by guest speakers followed by discussions on these. Subjects will include;

“The potential of inland waterways for growth” moderated by Philip Maugé of VNF and featuring presentations by;  Marc Papinutti director VNF, Nico van Lamsweerde from SRN, and the EU commissioner for Tourism. 

“The potential of inland waterways for regeneration” moderated by Christian Lefèvre and featuring presentations on; the City of Utrecht,  Great Lyon “plan bleu“, and the London, Olympics project.

Delegates will visit of the Port of Paris “port of Gennevilliers” (right) and hear about the work there from a representative of the harbour.

There then follows further presentations and discussions on the themes of;

“The potential of inland waterways for river cruise activity” and “The potential of inland waterways for green economy”.

The findings and results of the project will be displayed in an Exhibition to be held in association with the Conference. It demonstrates in a creative and innovative way the evolution of Waterways Forward and highlights the policy recommendations we’ve developed, and how we’re linking them to the Europe 2020 themes of Smart, Sustainable, and Inclusive, Growth.  It also sets out what needs to be done to realise the benefits of the economic development opportunities of inland waterways, while respecting the environment and cultural heritage.

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‘Slow Tourism’ in Ferrara

Waterways Forward partners Provincia di Ferrara are involved in ‘Slow Tourism’ the project part financed by the Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013 Cross border Cooperation Programme.

Click on the links below to view the most recent Newsletters reporting on work carried out in this project.





The calendar of upcoming cycling and boating excursions can be viewed here Calendario Giugno

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Canal & River Trust on the way

British Waterways will cease to exist later this year – to be replaced by a new charity, visit this the Canal and River Trust. The UK Parliament is currently going through the due processes required before formal handover can take place.

Click here to find out more about the Trust click here

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Bike Maps by e-mail ..

From Ferrara here the innovative Bike Map for cycling tourists An exclusive patent for bike lovers. You can ask it for free by email

Innovation isn’t always digital; the proof is the patent recently applied for by Ferrara Provincial Council, approved which transforms a simple map into a handy tool for cycling trips – all based on clear and detailed cartography, viagra approved combined with a super convenient road book with step-by-step directions and distances of the route. As well as the characteristic perforations that enable installation of the bike map on any handle bars, sale the tool is completed by a list of services, including bike hire and repair shops, and places to eat along the route.

The first handlebar map was created to document the route from the historical centre of Ferrara to the Mill on the Po at Ro Ferrarese, an itinerary of roughly 23 km. From the Mill, it is often possible to board a boat for the return journey to the city, making it a half-day excursion, including a stop for lunch. The second edition of map, available in Italian, English and German, is dedicated to the Po Delta area, in particular the Comacchio lagoons; from the beaches of the Lidi, in fact, the bike map leads you on a breathtaking journey, on which you will hardly fail to miss the hundreds of pink flamingos on the Comacchio salt flats, across the evocative valley landscape dotted with historical buildings and the indelible imprint of bygone times.

The maps, already available in the tourist information offices across the province and at tourist accommodation in Ferrara and the Comacchio Lidi, are given out free of charge, or you can request a copy by e-mail to the following address: maptur@provincia.fe.it.

This initiative immediately piqued the interest of the authorities from the surrounding areas, who have asked for a patent concession to replicate the idea in Bologna, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Faenza and Forlì.

This aritcle was provided by;

Luca Bianchi

Comunicazione e relazioni esterne

Provincia di Ferrara

Servizio Turismo, Attività Produttive e Sviluppo Locale Castello Estense, Largo Castello – 44121 Ferrara tel. 0532 299300 fax. 0532 299254

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Waterways Forward gets blogging

The Waterways Forward blog is now up and running highlighting news, what is ed views, salve and information about the project. We hope you like it - please email Carine Brannan C.Brannan@kingston.ac.uk if you’d like to add any contributions you may have.

In addition the blog contains an interactive Google map with all the existing outputs of the project so far. It features partner locations, order good practice posters, videos, interviews, partner meeting information and documents plus information, videos and links to Europe 2020 websites and documents embedded into the map.

We’ve also started a ‘Waterways Forward’ group in Linkedin – and everyone is welcome to join up and see how things are progressing, not only in our project but in the wider world of Waterways. Our aim is to spread the message far and wide and to really help to shape policy and funding decisions at a European political level.

All comments from the Linkedin group can be added to Twitter. Click on the link to Twitter by ticking the Twitter box before posting your comments. Then follow the @waterwayforward account.

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Saimaa Lake Cruise Ship to bring in visitors

A new inland waterways business concept was presented at the annual seminar of Suomen vesitieyhdistys in Lappeenranta on January 25th by Oy Cor Giljam the owner and Managing Director of Saimaa Lake Cruises. In addition, price Pellervo Kokkonen programme director from the Centre of Expertise for Tourism gave a presentation outlining the business opportunities in the inland cruise sector and findings of the feasibility study. 

With the introduction of new inland cruise ship on Europe’s 4th largest lake Saimaa in Finland tourism will enter a new era. The introduction of the new product will significantly enhance the profile of Saimaa area as an international tourism destination. The new cruise product will offer experiences in the pure Finnish lake nature and a taste of local culture. Access to the Finnish lakes will become easier for tourists. Onboard the new ship passengers will have full board and accommodation together with carefully planned programmes consisting of excursions, shop nature and fitness activities. The new vessel will offer 50 comfortable cabins for up to 100 passengers and ample space for leisure and activities in the restaurants and lobbies as well as sun deck, story sauna and swimming deck. Service will be of top quality and passengers will be pampered with creative menus combining local delicacies with contemporary European cuisine. Photo © Saimaa Lake Cruises Ltd.

The Centre of Expertise for Tourism in Savonlinna initiated a feasibility study in 2011 and potential operators throughout Europe were identified and contacted and asked about their interest in new business opportunities on Lake Saimaa. Necessary contacts with experts and and companies were established through the Waterways Forward project partnership. On the basis of this study talks took place with one company that showed interest in the idea. During 2011 the centre of expertise assisted the company in product development and building partnerships.

Pellervo Kokkonen said that this background work can be utilised if further companies show interest in establishing operations in the region.

“Strong international business networks and distribution channels coupled with innovative thinking in product development are key to success in globalizing tourism business. We are convinced that the new cruise ship will provide a significant stimulus to tourism in the whole region” estimates programme director from the Centre of Expertise for Tourism.

A fundemental step to realising the project has been the founding of new company Saimaa Lake Cruises based in Savonlinna. The company will be the owner of the new ship that will start operations in 2013. They will operate and manage the ship in Savonlinna and take responsibility for sales in Finland.

A Dutch company Adelle Cruises Ltd will be responsible for sales in the main markets in Germany, the Netherlands, France and UK. They have over 40 years of experience in product deveopment and management of inland cruises as well as an extensive international marketing network. Their Managing director is Mr Cor Giljam said;

“We are always looking for new opportunities to satisfy our customers. Without The Centre of Expertise for Tourism in Savonlinna we would not have been able to get the necessary information and meet the right people in Finland. We are also greatful for the local knowledge and support in product development we received through them.”

The Centre of Expertise for Tourism and Experience Management in Savonlinna is managed by Savonlinna Region Federation of Municipalities and cofinanced by Finnish Centres of Expertise Programma of the Ministry of Employment and Economy. They commented “For us in Savonlinna it is essential to strengthen international tourism business in the Saimaa region as a whole. Strong networking is part of our strategy and the key to success in tourism,” confirms regional development director Marjukka Aarnio from Savonlinna.

For further information please contact;

Pellervo Kokkonen

Programme director

Savonlinna Region Centre of Expertise/Savonlinna Region Federation of Municipalities

+358 44 758 5472


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Dr Ronald Waterman interview

Dr Ronald Waterman outlined the concept of ‘Aquaculture’ at the Dublin Masterclasses during his presentation on the Environment and Climate Change theme.

Click here to hear an interview with Dr Waterman on these topics at the Masterclasses.


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Press coverage from Masterclasses

Partners were tasked with raising awareness of the Masterclasses and the importance of this stage of the project. Please take a look at some examples of the publicity that was achieved and any additional articles relating to the project and its aims.

Afloat magazine web version – Article (Waterways Ireland)

Local press – Brzeg Dolny after MC

Local press – Brzeg Dolny prior MC

Local website – Brzeg Dolny prior MC

Lehdistötiedote 090911 Masterclass (Savonlinna Press Release)

SIRGA collected appearances in media – before & after Masterclasses

The Munster Express – South Tipperary

VRW (Dutch version press release prior to ) Masterclasses

NLT Article prior to Masterclasses (Värmland)

Blue Sheets Marine Directory web article (British Waterways)

World Wide Waterways (Waterways International Journal) Article in Edition 24, sildenafil Sept 2011

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Communities engaged in South Tipperary

‘The Lay of the Land’ was a series of community participation workshops to reveal the potential of the River Suir.

The Suir River Café was collaboration between South Tipperary County Council Heritage Office, view Landscape Interface Studio (LIS) and local artist Lyn Mather. It was a novel interactive Café where members of the public could observe, discuss, engage and participate in a number of outreach workshops led by the LIS team.  The Café was supported by South Tipperary County Council (STCC) the Heritage Council and Waterways Forward.  

STCC Heritage Office invited LIS to develop and facilitate a series of workshops and community events as part of the Junction Festival in Clonmel held in July 2011.  The project was designed to engage with the wider community to map, reveal and celebrate the River Suir and to develop a ‘shared vision’ for the future.

These workshops and events were designed to:
• understand and present the community’s perceptions, experiences and memories of the River Suir.
• work with and introduce different community groups that share similar connections to the River.
• investigate specific local opportunities adjacent to the River.
• present and explore the history and time line of the River
• provide a platform for engagement and understanding between the community and authorities.
• gathered and collated data recorded to inform future planning and funding support

Cllr. Michael Fitzgerald, Chairman of STCC commented that,

“The project is a great opportunity for the community to focus on the river – one of the key assets in the county – and to develop it as an economic cultural amenity for both the community and visitors alike.”                                         

‘The Lay of the Land’ concluded with a presentation, of all the documentation summarising the comments and feedback during the individual workshops in Cahir, Carrick-on-Suir, Ardfinnan and Clonmel, to the South Tipperary Heritage Forum / Regional Stakeholder Platform at the Suir River Café.  Different aspects of the comments, observations and possibilities revealed during the community workshops were discussed in depth and developed by the expert advisory stakeholder group.  The LIS team developed and created a series of documents which have now been presented to STCC and the Heritage Council for discussion.  These documents can be viewed here. 1 The Lay of the Land  2 Our Suir Open workshop  3 Suir Local – Carrick-on-Suir  4 Suir Local – Cahir  5 Suir Local – Ardfinnan  6 Suir Local – Clonmel

Labhaoise McKenna, Heritage Officer for STCC included the River Suir Café and ‘The Lay of the Land’ workshops in her presentation: ‘Heritage in the Community and European Projects’ to the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Jimmy Deenihan.  Labhaoise also presented the findings from the Suir River Café to the full STCC on 7th November, and will present them to the Board of the Heritage Council on the 9th December, and a River Suir Seminar on the 31st January 2012.

To view a separate good practice showcasing the heritage data surveyed click on this link; http://podcasting.ie/riversuir/

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Good Practices on display in Ireland

Posters highlighting the good practices identified by Waterways Forward partners were displayed for the first time at the Dublin Masterclasses in September.

Click here to view the full set of posters and read more about the detail of these practices – which will eventually help for the basis of our policy recommendations to the EU.

The posters (plus leaflets & powerpoints) were produced by Landscape Interface Studio, buy more about  Kingston University who are working with British Waterways to develop materials to highlight the project’s, sales good practices, results and policy recommendations.

These will be displayed at the Final Confernce and available to use in promoting the Waterways Forward findings after the project ends.

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Cycling the focus in Italy

An important opportunity for dialogue among experts at the European level takes place in Ferrara this coming weekend.

On Saturday, pharmacy September 24 a special round table will discuss issues of sustainability and intermodality: This is as part of the week end dedicated to the “birthday” of the “Destra Po” cycle path and Ferrara will host an important opportunity for dialogue among experts at the European level about experiences and actions to increase mobility and cycling.

The round table, viagra   entitled “Cycling mobility, dosage ciclotourism and intermodality: the value of an investment” will include the following speeches

- Karl Reiter and Heidi Schmitt, FGM-AMOR Austrian Mobility Research and cycling association ARGUS  Issue: mobility and sustainable development: awareness and experience in Graz

- Ivan Moroder, Responsible for Mobility in Bozen Municipality   Issue: the infrastructure for a sustainable city mobility, experience in Bozen

- Roberta Agosti, Director of Bozen Touris Board   Issue: when and how cycling become cyclotourism, experience in Bozen

- Antonio Dalla Venezia, President of Italian Bike Friends Federation   Issue: mobility and cycling in Italy: facts and new horizons

- Laura Schiff, Cesare Sgarzi Emilia-Romagna Region   Issue: an example of intermodality: train and boat linked with cyclotourism

- Cristina Vojic-Krajcar, Istria Tourism Board and Tourism Dept of Istria Region   Issue: Parenzana route a new cyclotourism destanition, services and promotion, experience in Istria

- Adam Bodor, EuroVelo Project Manager and Cycling Tourism Policy Officer of European Cyclists’ Federation   Issue: around Europe between tourism and cycling mobility

Moderator of the day will be Ettore Pettinaroli, cyclist and journalist of Panorama Economy

For further information please contact; comunicazione@provincia.fe.it

Luca Bianchi

Ufficio Comunicazione e Promozione

Provincia di Ferrara

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European Mobility Week in Ferrara

On the occasion of the “European Mobility Week” planned from 16 to 22 September 2011 and focused on the theme of local public transport, order the Province of Ferrara offers the “Day of Public Transport”, scheduled for Friday, September 16 in conjunction with numerous events, including the Balloons Festival, the birthday of the cycle path “Destra Po” and the five Sundays dedicated to intermodality developed in collaboration between FER (Emilia-Romagna Railways) and Emilia-Romagna Region.

There are many initiatives that are planned for the day: restrictions on the circulation in the town of Ferrara, trains for free, information stands, exhibitions, conferences ….

The initiative of the European Mobility Week has been promoted by the European Union for the first time in 2002, involving 320 cities in 21 countries and, over the time, has become a phenomenon can include more than 2000 cities.

The objective of the Mobility Week is to change the behavior of citizens by offering them functional alternatives to the car, compatible with the environment: to promote a new culture of moving, in order to raise more awareness among citizens and change their habits in order to create better cities.

Luca Bianchi

Ufficio Comunicazione e Promozione

Provincia di Ferrara 


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In Ferrara…the Train goes by Bike!!

Five Sundays to experience various forms of alternative and sustainable mobility, approved sympathetic to the nature of a land defined by a slow and relaxing rhythm. By partnering with FER (Emilia-Romagna Railways) and Emilia-Romagna Region, illness from Sunday, September 11, and for five consecutive Sundays (11, 18, 25 September and 2, 9 October), there will be a special railroad car to carry 50 bikes, traveling along the route Bondeno-Ferrara-Ostellato-Codigoro without paying any additional ticket.

For each stop you can easily visit some of the main peculiarities that characterize the territory of the province of Ferrara, but also you can go towards the many bike paths that run through the province including “Destra Po”, the cycling path that runs along the river Po, one of the longest and most important cycling routes in Italy.

In these five Sundays, then, cyclists can enjoy the territory in a new way, having the opportunity to discover historical, artistic and environmental elements of municipalities crossed by the path.

Besides, on Sunday, 25 September, the main day of celebration for the tenth anniversary of “Destra Po” cycling path, in addition to the train there will be present also boat and bus to give all participants the opportunity to take each of the five sections which divide the path, alternating all possible mobility solutions.

Reservations at http://www.fer-online.it/it/prenota-biciclette.html

Luca Bianchi, 

Provincia di Ferrara

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Preparing for the Masterclasses

The series of Transfer Vists have been completed and Waterways Forward moves to it’s next phase.

The Masterclasses are an important milestone in Waterways Forward. Experts in the fields of governance will help link good practices identified by the project’s partners, see assessing how these can be taken a stage further, approved incorporated into regional policies and linked to future funding schemes.

At the same time, experts in environmental and climate change issues will address these topics and will conclude which are the most important issues, which Waterways Forward will include in its policy recommendations to the EU’s funders, policy makers and legislators.

The Masterclasses take place in Dublin on Wed 14th Sept and are followed up the next day in Enniskillen where partners will draw conlusions from the previous days work to bring us closer to which recommendations will be made on future policies, funding and legislation..

For further information about the Masterclasses please contact the following;




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Transfer vists a big success

The series of Transfer visits finished with the gathering of partners in Finland on 5-8 July. Partners looked at Finnish – russian cross-border co-operation and other matters relating to the management of the Saimaa Canal.

In Varmland (Sweden), this Freight and Integrated waterway management and planning was one topic – with flood risk management being the other. WF partners were able to witness issues first hand during their boat trip on the vast Lake Vanern. 

The first visit was to Vojvodina (Serbia) back in May. This meeting looked at the EU’s Danube strategy and how commercial and recreational development in their particular region can be achieved. Partners contributed their experiences in tourism, side effects heritage marketing and multifunctional use of waterways. See television report here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNYkzls3jz0

Prior to that visits had been held in Wales, online where promotion of heritage sites such as the World Heritage Site, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct (click here http://vimeo.com/2267361 to see how it was built) and management of waterway ecology were discussed, and in Lille (France) where partners examined the subjects of governance and the involvement of stakeholders.

One transfer visit was combined with a Waterways for Growth www.waterwaysforgrowth.eu project meeting. This was held in Telemark (Norway) where partners could not only talk with members of this important waterways project, but also see for themselves how waterway based businesses are encouraged to develop in the region and the marketing initiatives they adopt.

Delegates at the visits took part enthusiastically, delivering presentations on repective topics and contributing to the exchange of information and discussions that followed. After the meetings partners had to complete assesments of the visits and to draw from them conclusions about which practices could be succesfully transferred and integrated into their own Organisations and working practices at a later stage.

The Transfer Visits will be reported on in more detail in Waterways Forward Newsletter No.4

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Recording Events

SIRGA’s 2nd Regional Stakeholder Platform meeting was held in July this year. To see how the meeting went and some highlights of the working meeting on the Canal de Castilla take a look at the following clips..

SIRGA RSP Meeting July 2011 (2)

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Good Practices revealed.

Almost 50 Good Practices in waterways management have been identified by the 17 Waterways Forward partners. These have been summarised in the Demo Toolbox which is now availablle to all interested parties. Click here to download a copy WF DEMO TOOLBOX – May 2011

In his introduction to the Toolbox, pills Project Manager Nico van Lamsweerde says;

“The identified practices in this Toolbox are just a first step in the process of disclosing available knowledge and transferring this knowledge across Europe to further boost the values of Inland Waterways in the interest of a sustainable regional development future of Europe!”

“The Waterways Forward project is nearly halfway. The 17 partners in this project coming from 11 EU countries and from Norway and Serbia worked intensively in the past 15 months to get more acquainted with each other’s particular problems and challenges on how to manage inland waterways in such a way that it contributes to the socio economic development of the adjacent regions but also with a focus on respecting nature and environment.

Partners discussed intensively during two international project workshops how to find a balance between these two objectives. To streamline this debate each partner developed an in depth regional analyses of their situation and they involved many regional stakeholders in this process.

Based on a synthesis report of the regional analyses reports, partners came together to discuss regional practices and to identify the good ones. These practices are subject to the Transfer visits to partner regions, which are carried out in spring and summer of 2011.

The selected practices are all presented in this Demo Toolbox. I believe that this Toolbox will be of significant interest and will serve as a source of inspiration in the next years for many regions in Europe dealing with topics related to the management of inland waterways. This is the case already for the project partners but I am sure that this will also be the case for many other regions in Europe.

Waterways Forward is entering its second inspiring phase of implementation. During some expert Master classes we will try to accelerate the knowledge built up until now and we will try to find practical approaches to share knowledge on topics which could not be tackled by the Waterways Forward project so far but which will contribute to further improve the Waterways Forward results after the lifetime of the project.” 


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Local TV features Vojvodina Transfer Visit

Waterways Forward was featured on local television during the recent transfer visit to Vojvodina, information pills Serbia.

To see what was said and featured open up the link here; 


healing one of 84 bridges” src=”http://www.waterways-forward.eu/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Hydrosystem-Danube-Tisa-Danube-one-of-84-bridges-1024×682.jpg” alt=”" width=”640″ height=”426″ />
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England and Wales consultation

British Waterways has started a three-month government consultation into the future of inland waterways in England and Wales.

The consultation, shop which continues until the end of June, sets out the proposals for a new charitable trust to take over the management of the waterways, including how the organisation will be governed and how it will give communities a greater role in looking after their local canals, rivers, reservoirs and docks.

British Waterways’ chairman, Tony Hales, said “The consultation is an important step forward in achieving a long held vision among waterway supporters. Having set out our proposals in 2009 for a ‘national trust’ for the waterways, the Minister is now embarking upon the biggest shake-up of the waterway governance since nationalisation in 1948.

“I believe the proposals will build upon the recent waterway renaissance to ensure they never again revert to the dereliction and decline that saw part of the network abandoned and filled in during the 20th century.

“Caring for a 200-year old network requires intense management and significant funding. The consultation is an important part of establishing the best framework for the long term security for our canals and rivers, which harnesses community enthusiasm to deliver local priorities. I would encourage all those who have an interest in the nation’s magnificent former industrial waterway network to take part.”

The consultation document is published at www.defra.gov.uk/consult/waterways-1103

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Milan Boat Show on the Naviglio Grande

Claudio Repossi from Navigli Lombardi s.c.a.r.l. explains;

Milan and its canals will host the second annual Boat Show after the great success of the 2010 edition (more than 50.000 visitors in 3 days).

For three days, try from Friday April 29 to Sunday May 1, approved navigation and the sailing world will be featured thanks to over 50 vessels (including ships and boats up to 12 meters), moored along the Naviglio Grande canal, and more than 60 exhibitors on the towpath.

A unique event organized by “Navigli Lombardi” in partnership with Yacht & Sail (RCS Group), will offer tourists and sailing enthusiasts the chance to board boats and try them on the canal, to visit stands and the many areas dedicated to accessories, boatyards, charter and other services.

Particular attention is given to children with an area entirely dedicated to them called ‘NavigaMI Kids’, equipped with the boats of the Italian Powerboat Federation, simulators, sailing, canoes, and rafts, which will allow children to get close to water sports.

Furthermore for 100 university students there will be the opportunity to enroll in a course, held by some sailing schools, to help to attain a boat license at a very reasonable price.

Other features will be the staging of an exhibition, organized by the Province of Novara that will present the project of the waterway that links Locarno (in Switzerland), Milan and Venice.

This event is organized with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, Lombardy Region, the Province and Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Fondazione Fiera Milano, EXPO society and the main institution in Milan.

Get ready for fantastic diving on the canals!

For further information see: www.navigami.it

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New rules concerning passengers’ rights

Inland Waterways; New Rules concerning passengers’ rights

A paper by Alceste Santauri.

Over the last decade, pharm the European Union has increasingly devoted much of its attention towards passengers’ and tourists’ rights and its legal protection.Nonetheless, dosage whereas air, approved railroad and bus passengers’ protection has been often tackled, passengers travelling by sea and inland waterways have been comparatively less concerned until recently.

In order to fill this gap, on 24 November 2010, the European Parliament and the Council passed a specific regulation concerning the rights of maritime and inland waterway passengers.

The Regulation acknowledges that maritime and inland waterway passenger is the weaker party to the transport contract and that, accordingly, it needs as well as all passengers to be protected with an adequate level of safety and security. This approach falls within the general duty of European institutions to ensure consumer protection at large.

The Regulation provides for a set of minimum standard of protection, thus not preventing single carriers to offer passengers better contract conditions.The paper is aimed at analysing the content of the Regulation No 1177/2010 so as to better understand its implications and any future perspectives also concerning the possibility of drafting some EU-funded project frameworks on this subject.

Click below to tread the rest of the paper.


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The Navigli Lombardi Company

A case of Inland Waterways promoting tourism.

Paper by Professor Alceste Santauri.

Tourist promotion also implies the implementation of supporting actions in favour of inland waterways. These, information pills together with tourist activities, represent a strategic asset for tourist development policies at the local level.

The paper analyses the “case” of the Navigli Lombardy Company: this PPP organisation has been established to exploit the local canals surrounding the city of Milan (called “navigli lombardi”), which define a natural, local and sustainable “tourist system”.

The paper consists of four paragraphs: paragraph 1 includes a brief description of the historical evolution of the Lombard navigli. Paragraph 2 underlines the legal and institutional context of tourist promotion in Europe, in Italy and in Lombardy. In paragraph 3, the legal and organisational form of the Navigli Lombardi Company is examined. Finally, paragraph 4 presents some concluding remarks, which may be of some use for further and comparative analyses within the Waterways Forward project framework.


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Interregional Analysis finalised.

The Interregional Analysis (synthesis report) for the Interreg IVC Waterways Forward project has now been completed. This report was commissioned by the Stichting Recreatietoervaart Nederland (SRN) in its capacity as lead partner for this project. The report summarises and synthesises the first three methodological steps leading to the final project results. These steps are in line with actions described in Workpackage 3 of the approved application and form the basis for much of the work partners are carrying out in Waterways Forward.

To view or download a copy of the report please click WF_Interregional_Analysis_updated_(FINAL)

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Safe Sailing in the Netherlands

Navigation rules for pleasure craft and commercial vessels

SRN is involved in ‘Safe sailing’ the initiative that that looks to improve safety on inland waterways – particularly those that are used by both commercial vessels and pleasure craft.

Other partners in the initiative include; Rijkswaterstaat, ambulance the Dutch provincial authorities, link the Port of Rotterdam, Groningen Seaports, the Port of Amsterdam, Royal Schuttevaer ((the Dutch association for commercial shipping), the Dutch automobile association ANWB, Watersportverbond (the Dutch federation for recreational water sports), HISWA (the Dutch association for the boatbuilding trade and industry).

A brochure was produced in 2010 as part of the initiative and features items such as; navigational rules for pleasure crafts and commercial vessels, the main right-of-way rules, an explanation of navigation signs, buoyage on inland water ways and seas, shipping regulations in the Netherlands, right of way rules, locks and bridges rules, tips for skippers and guidelines for the use of a VHF marine radio.

The brochure is being distributed to Dutch boaters and there are opportunities to circulate to a wider boating community across Northern Europe through the Waterways for Growth project. For more information, go to www.varendoejesamen.nl or call Rijkswaterstaat on 0800-8002


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London Olympics

Going to London by boat in the summer of the 2012 Olympics?

British Waterways have commissioned a survey to make sure London’s waterways are ready to welcome those wanting to take advantage of their central locations which will provide the perfect base from which to enjoy the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The short online survey asks coastal and inland boaters from UK and overseas to indicate their preference for the different mooring locations that may be available as well as the services and transit moorings required.

British Waterways is being assisted by the RYA, patient British Marine Federation, purchase Cruising Association, Yacht Harbour Association, European Boating Association, Port of London Authority and Environment Agency who are publicising the survey to their members and networks in the UK and Europe.

The survey is online at www.surveymonkey.com/s/2012moorings.  It will run throughout the summer and closes on 30 September 2010.  Overseas visitors with basic English can complete a simpler survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s/2012shortsurvey.

The survey pages have links to maps of London’s waterways, tourist information and offer boaters the opportunity to register for future news about mooring in London during the Olympics.

Jon Guest, BW’s London Waterway Manager, comments: “London’s waterways provide a wonderful and novel route into the heart of London.  Many have easy access to the Olympic Park, other Games venues or public transport connections. 

“We want to make sure that our canals, rivers and docks are right at the heart of the Olympic party.  By finding out boaters’ interest, we can plan how we might accommodate them, for example by creating new moorings in Docklands.”

Any interested commercial boat operators (e.g. hire, hotel and passenger boats) from the UK or Europe should email gareth.stephens@britishwaterways.co.uk (for London Docklands, London’s canals and the River Lee Navigation), andrew.graham@environment-agency.gov.uk (for the non-tidal Thames west of Teddington Lock) or Thames2012@pla.co.uk for the Tidal Thames.

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Waterways in Germany

Inland Waterways in Germany – the future.

Expertise from partners in Waterways Forward has been drawn upon by the German Bundestag Waterways Initiative.  This initiative, stuff led by the Federal Ministry of Transport, patient is looking at the future of regional inland waterways in Germany.  A best practice workshop was held in Dusseldorf on 26th January 2010, supported by presentations from three Waterways Forward partners – Nico van Lamsweerde (SRN, Netherlands), Philip Maugé (VNF, France) and Glenn Millar (British Waterways, UK).  Further subsequent contacts between the Transport Ministry and the Waterways Forward partnership are helping take forward this important initiative.

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Launch of Waterways Forward

The Launch of the Waterways Forward project took place in Den Haag, buy Netherlands on 11-12 March 2010.  As well as meetings and exchanges between project partners, the event featured a 1-day Conference, held at the Provinciehus Zuid Holland on 11th March.  This attracted over 50 delegates, including members of partner organisations and others with an interest in the development of Europe’s inland waterways.  The keynote speakers were:-

  • Karla Peijs, Commissioner of the Queen in Zeeland and European Coordinator for inland waterways.  Karla spoke of the need for Europe’s regions to support efficient and sustainable inland navigation networks to deliver wider benefits to society, in terms of transport, the economy, tourism and the environment.
  • Derek Cochrane, former Director, British Waterways and Chair of the earlier Interreg IIIC project Voies Navigables d’Europe (VNE) (2005-07).  Derek explained how historic inland waterways are being revitalised in the UK and set out some of the challenges and opportunities to realise the full potential of Europe’s inland waterway network.

Presentations and more information from the Launch Event will be available on the WF website shortly.

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About us

Europe’s network of navigable inland waterways– canals, patient rivers and lakes – extends right across the continent. From early times, waterways were made navigable to facilitate the movement of both people and goods.

They made possible the industrial revolution in the 18th and early 19th Centuries. Many waterways still retain a significant transport function, particularly where they have been enlarged to form part of Europe’s high capacity transport infrastructure.

On other waterways, the transport function has reduced or has ceased altogether. However there is now a growing recognition of the contribution that inland waterways make to tourism development, sustainable transport, economic growth and the quality of life of the inhabitants of Europe’s regions. As a result waterways are being restored and revitalised throughout Europe as a focus for economic and social development.

Waterways Forward is a project developed under the European Union’s INTERREG IVC programme. It brings together 17 partner organisations from

11 EU countries plus Norway and Serbia. The Lead Partner is Stichting Recreatietoervaart Nederland (Dutch Recreational Waterways Foundation).

The €2.8m project runs for 3 years from 2010 to 2012. It is a successor to the INTERREG IIIC project Voies Navigables d’Europe (VNE), which looked at ways to maximise the tourism and cultural heritage aspects of waterways, see


The main objective of Waterways Forward is to improve the management of regional inland waterways and the regions adjacent to them by promoting an integrated, sustainable and participatory approach, taking account of the multi-functional role of waterways. Waterways Forward will do this through addressing two broad themes:

Developing recommendations for improved and state of the art governance models to create a sound basis for more integrated regional policies to boost the socio-economic development of inland waterways and adjacent areas in a balanced way. Consideration will be given as to how waterways are regulated, managed and funded and how their contribution to regional economies can be enhanced, taking account of the role of the wide range of stakeholders involved.

Environment & Climate Change
Investigating how the multi-functional use of regional waterways can be further developed, while minimising potentially negative impacts on the quality of the environment. Indeed the project will consider how the natural environment, ecology and cultural heritage of waterways can be enhanced and how inland waterways can contribute to the challenges posed by climate change.

Through the sharing and transfer of good practices, integrated regional strategies and actions, plans will

be created to support the on-going development of the multi-functional use of Europe’s inland waterways, with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of its citizens.

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Environmental benefits

Environmental benefits of inland waterways
By taking good care of nature we can conserve and enhance our common cultural heritage. Our inland waterways can be adapted to mitigate climate change through supporting sustainable transport – walking & cycling as well as the movement of freight & passengers.

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Social benefits

Social benefits of inland waterways

The inland waterways can be used to bring communities together, viagra dosage promote people’s health & well-being and be used to facilitate education & learning.

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Economic benefits

Economic benefits of inland waterways.

From regenerating watersides, viagra dosage bringing old canals back into use, illness creating business opportunities, supporting tourism and recreation, developing employable skills, delivering cost-effective transport for industry the economic benefits are clear.

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